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Entry Packages

Image by Dulcey Lima

Entry packages

First multi sport event? Or maybe you just need some training support? We have created coaching packages to get you to the start line - gain confidence, prepare well and have peace of mind for your race:

Comprehensive training plans

Q&A sessions

Exclusive guidance videos 

Priority contact

Race entry

Entry included

Included in the price of the package is your entry into the event. All you have to do is add 'Coaching package' under the added extras section when signing up HERE.

Q&A sessions

There will be 2 live Q&A sessions exclusive to package members run over zoom. 1 will be with 8 weeks to go to the race and the other 2 weeks to go. 

Training plans for you

We have created 3 different 3 month training programs specifically for this event for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.

When you sign up you will receive a free phone call with one of our coaches who will choose the best plan for you.

Priority contact

All package members will be given an exclusive email inbox that we prioritise over other contact forms. Giving you peace of mind

Exclusive videos and guidence

Once you sign up you will receive access to pre recorded seminars taking you through every step from what equipment you need to what to expect on race day.

Add as an extra during the registration form when entering the event.


Inc entry

Fancy something a bit more exclusive and tailor-made around your work, life and other racing goals with unlimited communication? Head to our coaching website to find out more. P.S you get a discount when you enter!

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